What it’s like to be alone (with Acne)

Growing up as a boy with acne in the 80’s was not like today.

Back then, there wasn’t an internet.  Basically I was on an island.  Aside from trying the basic acne treatments back then like benzoyl peroxide, Retin-A, salicylic acid, buff puffs, etc, I was on my own.  I tried to figure out solutions by myself.

For example, I always notice that as a kid going on vacation for one week at the beach, my skin cleared up towards the end of the week and lasted maybe 3-4 days into the following week.  So I figured it had to be the saltwater.

That lead to creating a saltwater mixture in a glass and then wiping it on my face and letting it dry.  Man, that shit did not work!  I was using the old school, Morton’s.  See, back then, who the hell ever heard of sea salt, that you can get anywhere these days.  Not only that, I was probably using way too much of a concentration of salt to water.  All I got was a dried, reddish complexion…with acne!

Another time, I found out (not through the internet of course) that egg yolks have a lot of Vitamin A.  So since the Retin-A didn’t work, I tried a natural source of Vitamin A and smeared that on my face and let it dry, usually at night.  I had to make sure my parents and sister didn’t see that.  So embarrassing!  That did seem to tighten up my skin, but in the end…not a solution!  I sometimes went to school with hair clumped together from dried egg yolk though if I put it on after a shower in the morning.

Bottom line, back then, it sucked to have acne!  Of course, it sucks today to have acne.  Duh.

But today we have the internet!  When you think about it, the internet is amazing.  You can research anything you want, and sometimes have answers to your problems in minutes!

Those were some dark days for me growing up.

I felt alone.

I saw other kids with acne, but never, ever, never, ever dared bring it up!  Some kids had it worse than I did.  Some not so much.  But you never talked about it with anyone else, not even your closest friends.  Especially if you were a guy.

I consistently thought, “Man, that guy has acne way worse than me.  That must suck.  I wonder if he knows how bad he looks.”  Then I’d realize that it’s all relative…others, with much less or even no acne looked at me the same way and said the same things in their mind.

What if someone had cured their acne on their own and looked at a sorry ass like me and thought, “Man, look at that kid with all his acne.  I remember when I had acne that bad.  Too bad he doesn’t know how to get rid of it.”  I’m sure that goes on today too, right?  Sure it does.  But today, we are not alone because of the internet.  People can relatively anonymously, research and try solutions on their own.  They can ask others how they cured their acne.  All from their computer, worlds away.

Think about how freely ideas are communicated back and forth.  Take a look at all the acne message boards and websites out there today, each with their own views and opinions and experiences of others with acne.  Now you can approach someone, or post a question about acne without direct contact.  Much less embarrassing.  Much easier.

If you have acne, you are obviously not alone.  Over 50 million people in the U.S. have acne, so you certainly are not alone.  The fact that there are millions of people still with acne today, shows that there is not a “cure” for acne either.  If there was, it would be so well-known and so widely used, that everyone would be cured.

My idea for this site came from my own personal feelings of being alone with acne.  I’m sharing my personal experiences and how I cured my acne on my own, completely by accident!  Will the things I’ve leared on my own and then through further research, completely get rid of your acne like it did mine?  Maybe.

Will it reduce your acne?  Probably.

So save this site and come back, because I’m only getting started!  You aren’t alone.