Growing Stinging Nettle for Acne

I recently wrote about how stinging nettle can help with acne, so I thought it would be fun to actually try to grow some on my own.  Right now I take stinging nettle pills, but it would be nice to have a crop to harvest!  You can make a tea from the leaves that you harvest in the spring before they flower, as well as utilize the stinging nettle roots.

I recently moved to a house near a small river, which has a creek running from the front of my house, down the side towards the back of the property and eventually makes it’s way to the river.  I have read that stinging nettles like to grow alongside creeks and rivers, so I ordered some seeds from Amazon.

While I was waiting for the seeds to arrive, I did notice that in one part of the river, there was a section of plants that look like they are probably stinging nettles.  Let me tell you…they are called stinging nettles for a reason!  They have fine hairs or needles along the stems and leaves and just the slightest brush against them will cause you to sting like crazy!

If my seeds don’t turn out, too well, I might transplant some of them up to my small creek bed. I just want to be sure that what I will be ingesting is actually stinging nettle and not some poisonous plant!  Maybe I’ll get a few good plants from the seeds so I can compare the two.

In any case, I put the seeds in some seed starting soil, and then transplanted them under a small tree near the creek.

Check out these super small seedlings!


Stinging nettle seedlings…in the middle of the picture

Also, while working my way down a small trail that my kids made alongside the creek, I came across this…

stinging nettle acne

Large stinging nettle plant I found

It has to be a stinging nettle!  I had accidentally brushed against it and of course got stung.  Maybe I’ll transplant this up to my stinging nettle patch later.

I’ll probably make another post towards the end of the summer about how this all turns out, but I think this stinging nettle patch is going to work.

My skin is already pretty much clear because I follow a low Glycemic Index/Load diet, don’t consume any dairy and meat, along with eating other foods that help maintain a healthy skin from the inside, but a little extra help to reduce the causes of acne formation from stinging nettle  can’t hurt.


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