About me

I used to be a long time acne-sufferer. I think starting around age 15, I started to have a few breakouts. Then it progressed to where I constantly had acne. You name it…blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, inflammed & puffy zits were a constant presence.
I tried everything, benzoil peroxide, salicic acid, Retin-A, buff puff scrubs, witch hazel, salt-water, tea tree oil, etc. I even tried some treatments that weren’t so mainstream, like egg-yolks and toothpaste!

Yes, I even tried the big badass, Accutane.

Bottom line, none of them worked.

So here I am, in my 40’s still suffering from acne.

That all changed after I started running. No, the running didn’t cure acne (it does help lower stress levels which can help), but it is what started to happen after I got more and more into running….I started eating better.

I ate more whole foods. I stopped eating dairy. I stopped eating meat. Here I went from someone who loved to barbecue, cheeese, liverwurst on toast, have 3 eggs over easy with white toast, 2 slabs of scrapple, to what basically amounts to a full on vegan.
This change didn’t happen overnight. I mainly started to eat better to help with my running. I had started to notice that sometimes I could run for 7 miles like it was nothing. A few days later, I could barely go a mile before feeling so sluggish, I would just turn around and head home, calling it a day.

I couldn’t figure out why until one day it dawned on me.

This was after I went on a run and my legs almost completely locked up, to the point where I couldn’t even sit down on the curb. You could have just pushed me over with one hand. My legs hurt so bad. My lungs hurt. Then I realized something. About 3 hours earlier, I had a great breakfast: 3 eggs over easy, scrapple, white toast with butter.

Maybe it was my diet that caused the ups and downs with my running distances. Sure enough, I noticed that after I changed my diet to include more whole foods, the ups and downs with my running performance went away. I never had days like when I completely locked up again!

Then out of the blue…driving in to work, I looked in the rear-vew mirror and noticed something. My acne was practically gone! As a matter of fact, my face was smooth and felt amazing too.

Gone were the juicy, inflamed zits. Gone were the blackhead and whiteheads. Gone were the dark spots from previous breakouts. Was it my diet changes that caused this? At first I wondered if this was just some miraculous, temporary gift. But it wasn’t.

The more I adjusted my diet, the more clear my skin became.

I started researching the affect that diet has on acne and was blown away! The more I read…scientific studies, books, message boards, the more it became apparent to me that what you eat, and what you don’t eat, can have a dramatic effect on your skin.

I remember visting a dermatalogist as a teenager. Not once did he mention diet. It was nothing but a complete focus on my skin. All topical. Retin-A was prescribed (this was when you could only get it via a prescription). Use a soap without any extras…I think it was Nutrageena. Use a buff-puff. Use benzoil perizide. When that didn’t work, here’s some Accutane. except for the Accutane, everything he recommended was topical treatments.

So after my long journey of over 35 years experience as a now FORMER acne-sufferer, I created this website to help others. I want to share my ideas and experiences in the hope that I can help others like you.

Also, maybe you have some suggestions that you would like to share. If so, contact me!