Yeah, yeah, topical treatments.  It seems that is all anyone talks about when it comes to acne.

I’m not a big fan, and with good reason. I’ve tried just about every topical treatment you can buy, and even more home remedies. In my opinion, topical treatments are maybe only 10% of what’s important (and I’m being generous) in the battle against acne.
I’ve used benzoil peroxide, salicic acid, Retin-A, Proactiv, witch hazel, nutregena soaps, tea tree oil, egg yolks, toothpaste, saltwater, buff puff pads, alcohol wipes…it’s just tiring. And it was a losing battle.
Topical treatments are like going into battle with a knife, when everyone else has guns, tanks and missiles. It can’t fight the onslaught to keep acne from surfacing.
That being said, the only topical acne treatment I currently use is tea tree soap. I had tried it before and it did not work. That’s because my only focus at that time (for 20 years) was strictly topical treatments. Topical treatments cannot work alone.

Like my iceberg analogy, a majority of your focus needs to be on the inside, not the outside.
Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial qualities. It helps kill the bacteria that can lead to acne. Maybe some of the other topical treatments out there will work for you, but if you have difficult acne, you are fighting a losing battle, unless you focus on what’s important…what you eat and what you don’t eat.

Short page here about topical treatments right?  I’m moving on…