What I believe

The solution to cure or limit the amount of acne is NOT going to come from focusing on your skin? What?! Yep. After suffering from acne since my early teen years up into my 40’s, I can say that trying to cure acne by strictly focusing on applying topical skin treatments is not the way to go.
Do some topical treatments work? Sure…I guess for some people, but for most, I don’t think applying acne treatments to your skin is where you should focus.
Have you ever hear that 90% of an iceberg is below water? Well, I would say that about 90% of the cause of acne, and therefore the cure… is way below the surface.

Acne is caused by what you eat.

Acne is caused by what you don’t eat.

Acne is caused by hormones

Acne is caused by stress

Quite simply…by spending 90% of the time focusing on what to apply to the skin (look at all of the treatments being sold…almost all of them are topical!) and not what is actually causing the acne in the first place. This should be flip flopped. Almost everyone has it wrong. The acne treatment industry is over $1 billion a year! Almost all of that is based upon some type of topical treatment or prescription.
Topical treatments are pretty much like whack-a-mole. Have you ever played that game at the arcade? A mole pops up over here and you whack it. Then over there, and you whack it.

Acne is the same.
Topical treatments don’t actually go to solve the root cause of acne! Most of the topical treatments out there are just trying to solve the symptoms. The zits, whiteheads, blackheads and cysts that just pop up out of nowhere. They don’t solve the CAUSE of acne though. Sure some work and some have a place in your acne treatment plans, but focusing strickly on what you slather on your face is not going to work.
After almost 30 years, I finally figured that out. Completely by accident too. Take a look at my “About” me section for more about me and why I created this site.
Like me, you can cure your acne or drastically reduce it by taking the time to stop chasing the latest snake oil treatment or infomercial. Believe me…I’ve tried most of them. None of them really worked.
It wasn’t until I realized that acne is caused from the inside, which effects your outside appearance, did I really achieve a breakthrough. Believe me, when I finally figured it out, it was amazing!
I went from perpetually having breakouts, cysts, blackheads, whiteheads, black spots from former zits, to a smooth, clear, soft complexion.
If I can do it, I know you can do it!