What Not to Eat

Don’t eat highly processed foods. These are foods that are far removed from their natural source.

Some examples are:

Pretty much anything that comes in a box from the supermarket, such as crackers, Cheese-Its, cereal, macaroni and cheese, etc.

Anything that has been stripped of much of it’s fiber, such as white flour…which is in bagels, pizza, white bread, pretzels, etc. These highly processed foods don’t contain fiber. When you eat foods like this, your body experiences an insulin spike, which creates a chain reaction leading to acne.
Dairy. Yes, this is a big one. If you were to cut out your dairy intake, you will be removing one of the big, bad causes of your acne. And I mean dairy in all forms, including yogurt (Greek yogurt included!). This is because dairy has tons of hormones. In cows milk, including skim milk, there are over 60 hormones! Hormones that can cause acne! Also, milk stimulates insulin growth factor IGF-1, which is also a cause of acne.
If you do one thing and one thing only…cut out the dairy!
Fruit juices. Fruit juices don’t contain fiber. They quickly get assimilated into your body, creating an insulin spike, which again…causes acne. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat fruit. It doesn’t mean you can’t put tons of fruit in a smoothy in the morning because it still contains fiber, which slows down the assimilation of the sugar that the fruit contains.
Highly processed foods also creat inflammation. I

nflamation is a major cause of acne. Some people say that acne is primarily an inflammatory problem. When your body is in an inflammatory state, this means that your immune system is almost turning against itself. It’s also in a very high state of alert. Your immune system is reacting to and attacking acne bacteria. Acne bacteria is everywhere…everyone has it on their skin. For some people (like those who consume inflammation producing food and drink), their bodies overreact to this and go nuts, causing big, puffy, swollen zits, cysts and whiteheads.
When you eat whole foods…such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, you are giving your body the foods it needs to remain healthy. One of the byproducts is a clear skin.